Monday, April 6, 2015

The King of Food episodes 5-9

The King of Food was a series shown on the Korean television station KBS. It was also uploaded to the youtube channel KBS World TV.

The premise of the show from KBS, "What if a constitutional monarchy still exist in Korea in 2014? "'The King of Food' with picky taste, Shin Dong-yeob has invited star guests to his dinner. Guests need to answer a quiz to try rare food, which the kings used to eat. Food fighters are having a fierce battle to take the best food. Who will get the King's Food at the end?"

There is a special ingredient(s) each episode and the celebrity contestants are quizzed on their food knowledge. The team that wins gets to eat. As usual, don't watch the show if you are hungry, it'll just make it worse.

Episode 5: Meal of Longevity with Song Hae (장수)

Guests are: Lee Yongsik, Song Eunyi, Kim Sung-kyu, and Kim Hyeyeon.
This episode centers on food that has the benefits of longevity; Ugeoji (우거지) (KBS translates this to cabbage, but it is the outer leaves of Napa/Chinese cabbage), and saltmarsh sandspurry (세발 나물.)

Episode 6: Meal for Brain with Heo Cham (두뇌회전)

Guests are: Kim Hanguk, Gyeongae, Kim Saengmin, and Rainbow's Kim Jisook.
Brain ingredients are seaweed (미역) (Undaria pinnatifida known as sea mustard in English), and eel (장어.)

Episode 7: Meal for Diet (다이어트)

Guests are: Ha Ilseong, Baek Jiyoung, Choi Yunyeong, Lee Jaeyun, and Doctor Wang Hyemun.
This is a competition of natto, coconut water, ox cartilage soup (도가니탕), and buckwheat to see which is the best diet food. Besides the winner cuttlefish was also served.

Episode 8: Stress-zero Meal (스트레스 ZERO)

Guests are: Cho Yeongnam, Kim Sehwan, Lee Sungmi, Kim Hyeoncheol, and Rainbow's Kim Jaekyung.
For getting rid of stress radish greens and anchovies (멸치) are recommended.

Episode 9: Meal for Baby Face (동안)

Guests are: Yu Hyeonsang, Ha Choonhwa, Kim Yeongcheol, Park Eunyeong, and Doctor Wang Hyemun.
It is a contest again for this episode, the guests brought onions, bean sprouts, chicken feet, and whelk. Besides the winner sea squirts were also recommended by the show.

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