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Learn Korean Numbers (숫자)

Korean people use two number systems, Sino-Korean numbers, taken from Chinese, and Native Korean numbers, which only go from 1-99. You need to know both number systems because they are both used, (i.e. time is told by using both systems, Native Korean numbers for the hour and Sino-Korean numbers for the minutes.)

Here are the Sino-Korean numbers:
Arabic Korean Chinese
11 십일 十一
12 십이 十二
13 십삼 十三
14 십사 十四
15 십오 十五
16 십육 十六
17 십칠 十七
18 십팔 十八
19 십구 十九
20 이십 二十
30 삼십 三十
40 사십 四十
50 오십 五十
60 육십 六十
70 칠십 七十
80 팔십 八十
90 구십 九十

If you wanted to say 21 you would put the number 20, 이십, and the number 1, 일, together and get 이십일. 79 would be 칠십구. Pretty easy right?

Here are a few videos with Sino-Korean numbers 1-10.

And more numbers:

Here is a worksheet to practice writing the Sino-Korean numbers 1-10.
Here for 11-20.
Worksheet for 21-30.

You can learn more about higher numbers (hundreds, thousands, millions, and more,) here.

Native Korean numbers:

1 하나
5 다섯
6 여섯
7 일곱
8 여덟
9 아홉

This video by Korean Class covers 1-10, it also covers how numbers 1-4 lose their last letter with certain counters. This happens when a number ends with a 1, 2, 3, or 4 (i.e. 21, 33, 42, etc.)

Other videos showing 1-10 in Native Korean.

11 열한나
12 열둘
13 열셋
14 열넷
15 열다섯
16 열여섯
17 열일곱
18 열여덟
19 열아홉
20 스물
21 스물한나
22 스물둘
30 서른
31 서른한나
32 서른열둘
40 마흔
60 예순
70 일흔
80 여든
90 아흔

Counting 1-100 in Native Korean numbers.

Here are a few other videos to help you learn the native numbers:

Practice writing 1-10 with this worksheet.
And 11-20 Here.

Two see both number systems together, watch this video;

And there is this worksheet to practice writing both number systems at the same time.

Want to know your Korean age?

Want to know how to say how old you are?

You can also read The Korean's post on Korean numbers here. It is a great read and includes things like ordianl numbers, counters (i.e. miles, animals, bundles, etc.), and really large numbers like 1020.

The Korea Times flashcard of both number systems 1-10 can be found here.

A link to a podcast of both number systems 1-10 here.

Here is a worksheet quiz to practice what you have learned. I could not find the answer sheet for it on the blog, but let me know and I can help.

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