Monday, October 15, 2012

Granny Square baby blanket

I made this blanket with a discontinued yarn by Bernat Sweet Stripes in Sprite Stripes, when that ran out I finished it with Bernate Baby Cordinates in White.

It measures roughly 28" X 28". There is going to be a craft fair at WNC on November 6th, and I am going to try to sell this blanket for $15.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ripple blanket using Carron Simply Soft Brites

I made this blanket as a winter gift for a girl in Jasmine's class, who is Jasmine's friend. I was inspired by this work:

I used Carron Simply Soft Brites in: Watermelon, Mango, Limelight, Blue Mint and Grape. I also used Carron Simply Soft in Lemon for the yellow.

The blanket measures roughly 4'10" X 38".

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A new start

If you have followed me over from one of my other blogs it is nice to see you again. If you are new, welcome and hello!

I got tired of going back and forth between blogs and it really drove my desire to write straight down. Now I will just have one place and be able to write whatever I want to write about.

Tons of things have happened since I wrote any where.

In July, before we left for Greece, Jasmine had her testing at Taekwondo and is now a confirmed yellow belt.

Then we flew off to Greece and had a fabulous time with the family, brother and sister-in-law, and cousins. We got to see a lot of great places and swim in the Agean Sea several times. I do wish we could have gone in a cooler month, it would have made all that hiking a lot more pleasent.

On the way home we flew British Airways into London. AH! Finally a proper cup of tea. I tested this and when we flew on American Airlines on the way from London to Chicago I ordered a cup of tea... yeah it was nasty and I immediately regretted the decision.

After coming back from Greece I got bronchitis and tonsillitis. Not fun. The tonsillitis lasted about a week and a half, but the bronchitis was never-ending.

We had Jasmine's birthday and then school started at the end of August. Jasmine is in first grade at Carson Montessori and really liking it there, she asks to go to school on the weekends.

I was supposed to take a second Korean class online, but it was cancelled after the first week, so I had to scramble to register for Painting II at WNC.

I am supposed to have only two more classes to finish at WNC for my associates, but I found out when they did my transfer credits, for the second time, they took away one of the social science credits they had previously given me. So, I am waiting for a copy of my transcript and then I will need to make an appointment and argue with them. I am also going to try and get out of the digital photography class at the same time.

Well, my husband is graduating this December with his Master's in Philosophy from UNR. So, we sat down to talk. He wants to continue with his doctorate right away. So, we are moving. Internationally. We aren't sure when or where yet, but it is happening.

Right now the first scholarhsip ends mid-November, and that scholarship is UK-centric. He is applying to Cambridge, Oxford and St. Andrews. He has a 1:12 chance of getting the Marshall Scholarship, but even if he doesn't get it there is a possibility that he might get a scholarship from one of the universitites.

After he has exhusted all the possibilites in the UK we still have New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Singapore is lasted because it is such a large city, and there will be some finacial burden, as an example Jasmine would have to go to a private school, and my husband's PTSD kicks in when he is in crowds of people, it doesn't even have to be a large crowd of people and it can even be people he knows. Anyway New Zealand and the rest won't happen until 2014.

We are trying to sell our house for the cost of the loan, but since our house is vauled at 130k less than what we payed for it, that is probably not going to happen. We will probably have to do a short sale, that will hurt our credit rating for a few years, but the shortest doctorate program is two years so most of that will be cleared up by the time we get back.

If we do get the Marshall scholarship and my husband gets into Oxford we would move in July of next year. That would leave me only one semester to complete my degree, which is why those transfer credits are so important. If he gets into Cambridge we would leave early October, which would give me a summer class possibility if the right classes are offered.

So, we do a whole lot of waiting and planning, but we can't make any solid plans because everything depends on other people. I look at furnished apartments online all over the UK. We are selling most of our possesions since it is too expensive to ship things and they aren't worth storing. We made a deal that things we couldn't store at friends and families houses we would sell. We are not getting a storage unit.

Of course in all this my mother-in-law has become a super drama queen. Oh, how could we drag her to Northern Nevada and then abandon her here. When my father-in-law was dying she had no where else that she wanted to go. Her daughter is living in 'Vegas and she could have moved there. But nope, she didn't want to live with daughter and grandkids. Now the mother-in-law owes us 11k, that we know we will never see, and thinks that it is our fault that she didn't plan during the years that she knew that my husband's father was dying. It is very frustrating.

But there is no way in hell that she is moving with us internationally.

There's no way I could do it.

I'm going to stop here and write more later.

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