Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taste of Wisdom by Arirang Culture

One of the hardest things about living in Leeds has been missing Korean food. Some times watching a variety show or Korean drama can be torture because of the food featured in it. There is a Chinese store here, Hang Sing Hong, that has a bit of Korean food, and I plan on doing a review soon, if I can remember to get pictures. There's also another one called Asia Express, but it seems like the owner has gone on holiday, it has been closed for a few months.

Anyway, some times I like to torture myself especially and watch programs on Korean food (I also like that normally there is some history to learn too.) This is an Arirang series called Taste of Wisdom, it has six episodes although each episode is broken into smaller parts.

I do wish that this series had Korean interviewers, we don't need more white people thinking that they know everything about Korean culture and history. It has become common with international Kpop fans to think that they know everything about Korea after watching a few shows, drams, listened to music, read a book, whatever. So, I would rather people had to watch things with subtitles, or have some one; Korean, Korean-American, Korean-Canadian, Korean-Australian, Korean-whatever, who can speak English talk about Korea instead of white ex-pats.

The first episode is about the fermentation of soybeans for 청국장.

Episode two is about a different type of fermented soybean paste, 된장.

Episode three is about 고추장, spicy chilli paste.

Episode four is about 김치, kimchi.

Episode five is about 간장, soy sauce

Episode six brings all the flavors together, mostly a review of the previous episodes.

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