Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Books I read in March

Avalon Revisited by O.M. Grey

The beginning was really off putting to me, it starts right off in a sex scene. I put this book aside for months, I didn't even reread the beginning and just started with chapter three. This book is marketed as "steampunk romance," but honestly besides the characters beginning on an airship at one point, there is no steampunk, that I could find, in the story. There is a squeal called Avalon Revamped, but I don't think that I will be buying it.

Cloak by James Gough

I got this when it was offered for free, it is currently $4.99. I can't recommend this book enough, I really wish that I had read it sooner. It is a young adult book, but enjoyable for younger kids and adults too.

Dark Matter Heart by Nathan Wrann

This is a good young adult vampire book. I really enjoyed it, and it is a free kindle. I'll be getting the sequel when I can.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling

Another free kindle, this is an excerpt from The Jungle Book which is also free. If you have seen the 1975 cartoon the cartoon follows the story completely.

Gnome Wars (Adventures of the Fae Realm)by Barbra Annino

A cute short story. It was free when I got it, but it is currently priced at $0.99. The author does have other books, but none that feature the same characters that I could find.

Child of the Ghosts by Jonathan Moeller

A free kindle book, first in a series. So far it is really good. There are nine books in this series it seems, and a second series with the same main character. I will definitely be getting the next book.

Entangled (Spellbound Trilogy #1) by Nikki Jefford

I don't know if I can properly describe how I feel about this book. Disappointed is probably the best word. The character of Raj, who is supposed to be half Indian (from India, not Native American), just feels like a stereotype. There are continuous descriptions of his "dark Indian skin", "lush dark hair", and so on. He goes and gets a luck charm done on the main character, and by luck charm the author meant love spell. Altogether he is another stalker Edward Cullen, and the main character (Graylee) at first doesn't like him, but she falls in "love" with him for no reason.

I have a different book from the same author in my wish list, while I don't have high hopes I'll give the book a go.

In Honor Bound (The Chastelayne Trilogy) by DeAnna Julie Dodson

This was free when I got it, but it is $4.99 right now. Don't read this book if you can't get through overly Christian things. The author goes on and on about Christian things in what is a medieval setting. I finished it, but I won't be getting the other books in the series.

Books read so far: 9 1/2 January plus 11 1/4 February plus 8 March equals 28 3/4 books so far this year. This month was a bit slow for me, I've been busy studying for the TOPIK in October.

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