Saturday, April 5, 2014

5 April wants

Hopefully spring has arrived by the time this is posted. I tend to write these in advance. So, with spring in mind it is time for a fresh new look.

Because my eyes are dark brown I like to use a neutral eye shadow, plus the husband has said that I look like a clown when I use other colors. *sigh*

I really wish I knew how to apply liquid eyeliner. I know how it is supposed to be applied, but it never turns out right. Maybe one day I'll take a class at a beauty school so I can learn how to do it right. I really do like the looks of it.

I think this would brighten up the eyes without being too overwhelming.

Seems like the perfect just a hint of color for spring.

I really enjoy this powder. For my skin this color is translucent. It is also very light and does not get crease marks, even if I wear it all day.

Currently watching: 시크릿 가든(Secret Garden) this came out years ago, but I just never watched it.

Currently reading:

Cloak by James Gough

I orginally got this as a free kindle, it is $4.99 right now. I'm only on chapter 1, so I really don't have any comments.

Swagbucks it is how I make money for amazon gift cards!
So far I've made $10 in amazon gift cards with Swagbucks and it is only the 9th of March.

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