Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Totally Useless Stitch Along (TUSAL) August

Here are my ORTs (Old Ratty Threads)

In the beginning it was very dark, they were mostly black and dark grey, but with the kits from the magzines and a new project I have started the ORTs have brightened up.

If you have any ideas for posts you'd like to see in the future let me know!

Currently watching: Supernatural, Dracula and Once Upon a Time, all while I cross stitch.

Currently reading:

The Clockwork Scarab: A Stoker & Holmes Novel by Colleen Gleason
I'm only on chapter 1 of this book, so I can't say much about it. I really should write longer reviews of books once I finish them.

If you'd like to request that I review a book please leave a comment. Include a brief description of the book, including which genre it is. Please also note if the book is an ARC and whether you are self-published.

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