Monday, June 8, 2015

My Little Kitchen Season 2 Episodes 9-12

Arirang television produced a second season of "My Little Kitchen." The last episodes of this series.

Episode 9 Part 1 Bean Sprout Soup with Rice.

Almost done with this series, can't wait. Fabien's voice is so grating.

Part 2 Boiled Fish in Soy sauce.

I've never seen anyone fry the fish before boiling it, seems a bit weird.

Episode 10 Part 1 Beef Mushroom Hot Pot.

It seemed like a bit of a waste to make your own broth, but not use the ingredients from the broth for the soup.

Part 2 Spicy Stir-fried Rice cakes with Fish cakes.

Yeah..., no. Please use Maangchi's recipe if you want to make ddukbokki, thanks.

Episode 11 Part 1 Rice-cake Soup.

Traditional recipe, mostly no liberties taken.

Part 2 Marinated Grilled Beef Slices.

This is a type of sanjeok, and used to cooked on skewers. Some times ground beef is used and shaped into square patties, like a burger.

Episode 12 Part 1 Soybean Paste Stew.

I would replace half of the potato with zucchini.

Part 2 Korean Three-colored Pasta Soup.

Why couldn't they just call it sujebi in the title, like they did in the video? Also, I would not call this pasta, dumpling is more accurate.

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