Monday, June 1, 2015

My Little Kitchen Season 2 Episodes 5-8

Arirang television produced a second season of "My Little Kitchen."

Episode 5 Part 1 Bulgogi with Rice.

It looked good until the cream sauce was added.

Part 2 Donggeurang Ttaeng, Chili Pepper Pancake, Shitake mushroom .

Mostly traditional, so not messed up.

Episode 6 Part 1 Soft Tofu Stew with Seafood.

Another more traditional recipe, so much better in my opinion than the fusion food that was shown before, except where is the gochujang???

Part 2 Dumplings.

Standard recipe.

Episode 7 Part 1 Pumpkin Rice with cheese.

Cheese? Everything was okay, until they added the cheese. Luckily the cheese is easy to leave out. I'm really, really not liking this series.

Part 2 Chicken Puffs.


Episode 8 Part 1 Seaweed soup.

From far away this looks okay, until he adds soy sauce to the soup.

Part 2 Mung Bean Pancakes.

I hope people aren't making Fabien's recipes and thinking that is really what Korean food tastes like.

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