Saturday, June 7, 2014

Arirang Culture - My Little Kitchen Episodes 1-4

I believe that this series is only nine episodes long, so I will post four of the episodes here and the remaining five on a different post. There are two parts to each episode.

Episode 1 Part 1 Prawn and Beef Japchae with Chef Lee Jin-ho.

Honestly I haven't tried to make this, mostly because it just seems wrong to not make japchae with more vegetables, at least the more traditional vegetables that my own Mom uses.

Part 2 Bulgogi Salad with Chef Seri.

I think I will make this one day, but I'd just use my own marinade for the beef.

Episode 2 Part 1 Ungjung Tteokbokki Pasta (Rice Cakes and Pasta with Soy Sauce) with Chef Lee Jin-ho.

I will probably never make this, but it does give me the idea to use pasta for spicy tteokbokki when I can't find rice cakes, I wonder if it will be delicious?

Part 2 Caramel Galbijjim (Beef Short Ribs) with Chef Seri.

I think I would really like making this, but it might have to wait until we move back to the US, I don't have my pressure cooker with us here, and I can't see buying a big pot just to make one dinner.

Episode 3 Part 1 Golbaengi Bibimguksu (Spicy Whelks with Noodles) with Chef Lee Jin-ho.

I think this is the first recipe from Chef Lee that I have liked the look of, I wonder if it is because I like more traditional dishes?

Part 2 Samgyeopsal Gui (Pork Belly with Apple) with Chef Seri.

This reminds me of cooking pork roast. I don't know if I would like eating it this away, since I like the traditional way of eating samgyeopsal so much. I would have to leave the pine nuts out, so Jasmine could try it. I think the way of cooking the pork maybe healthier than the traditional way, but I'm not sure about the sweet apples in the wrap.

Episode 4 Part 1 Jangeo Gui (Grilled Eel) with Chef Lee Jin-ho.

The sauce looks so yummy. I wonder if I could use it on some other type of meat, since I have no idea where to get eel here.

Part 2 Dakgalbi (Stir-fried Spicy Chicken) with Chef Seri.

Hmmm. I don't see the point of adding the rosemary, I think the flavor would be wiped out by the gochujang.

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