Monday, November 5, 2012

Where is all the time going?

Nothing tons intersting happening here. I went to Vegas over a weekend with Jasmine. We saw the brother-in-law and his family.

We only got to see them for a few hours on Saturday, since they had to drive that night to San Fransico in order to catch an airplane Sunday morning.

Jasmine was Wonder Woman for Halloween and she was really cute. I dressed up as Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother, and a friend dressed up as Circe, Wonder Woman's arch-nemesis.

It looks like we aren't going to have any problems with the bank taking back our house, so we are looking at apartments and houses for rent now. We plan on having a place in December so we can start moving the things we are going to keep. The bank should close on the house in January.

We should find out about different colleges by February or March. The husband did not get the Marshall Scholarship, but that is okay. He has gotten accepted into Nanyang Technical University, and to The University of Auckland. We are waiting on word from Cambridge and Oxford. He is also applying to Brown University in Rhode Island.

My mother is supposed to visit mid-December, my best friend is coming out of Texas at the end of March and my father is supposed to visit either in April or May. So we will be a bit busy.

The husband is graduating in December and I should, if the school can get its act together, graduate in May.

I think that is all that is happening now. I am preparing other posts, but have to find the time to finish writing them.

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