Monday, June 26, 2017

Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco (with spoilers)

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco
Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire (March 7, 2017)

I got a free eARC from Netgalley. This book was such a chore for me to get through. I didn't give this book a star rating, because if I hadn't have gotten it from Netgalley in return for a review I wouldn't have finished it.

The author made words to fit details of her world, but they are never explained. For example, hua, it's a type of dress the asha (which I'm guessing is a female (that part is touched upon)magic using entertainer, but also a warrior) wear. My best guess is that a hua has the empire waist of a Korean hanbok, the sleeves of a Japanese kimono, but also the side splits of a Vietnamese ao dai. The descriptions of the hua are never very clear, at least they weren't for me.

Another is darashi oyun, some times it's talked about as if it is a regular play or event, but then some times it is talked about as if it is the name of a place, but either way it is never capitalized, and never fully explained. Will they die if this isn't done?

Daeva, are they demons? Resurrected dinosaurs? Evil Spirits? I don't know.

Heartsglass, it is never explained WHY people HAVE to have their hearts on a necklace for the rest of the world to see what emotions they are feeling.

There are many other terms, but I won't list them all.

Tea is drooling over Kance, as much as a 15 year-old can, throughout the whole book, but she reanimates Kalen. It's never explained how or when he died, and when Tea's affections changed. Besides of the teenage angst flirtations Tea has briefly with Kance Tea doesn't seem to connect with any of the other characters, she almost emotionally exists in a bubble.

There are also some logistical problems. Chapter 2 mentions Murkwick, the closet town being "fifteen leagues" away, a league is three miles, that makes Murkwick 45 miles away. In chapter 3 Tea and Mykaela arrive in Murkwick four hours latter, meaning they would have had to walk, or more likely run at 11 miles an hour.

The book is unfortunately full of tiny things that detract from the whole story and for me made reading it a chore.

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