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The King of Food (special episode + episodes 1-4)

The King of Food was a series shown on the Korean television station KBS. It was also uploaded to the youtube channel KBS World TV. I don't know how many episodes were shown in Korea, but on their youtube channel there is the special, which was shown first (think of it as a kind of pilot episode) and 21 other episodes. I will try to see if there are more available online after I post what is available on KBS' youtube channel.

The premise of the show from KBS, "What if a constitutional monarchy still exist in Korea in 2014? "'The King of Food' with picky taste, Shin Dong-yeob has invited star guests to his dinner. Guests need to answer a quiz to try rare food, which the kings used to eat. Food fighters are having a fierce battle to take the best food. Who will get the King's Food at the end?"

There is a special ingredient(s) each episode and the celebrity contestants are quizzed on their food knowledge. The team that wins gets to eat. Don't watch the show if you are hungry, it'll just make it worse.

Special: Stamina (정력)

Host is Shin Dong-yup, and team leaders are General Kim (Kim Junhyun), and Lady Eunhye (Park Eunhye), caterer Jang Hang-seon, and food taster Davichi's Kang Min-kyung.
Guests are: Kim Jongmin, Got7's Jr. (Park Jin-Young), Choi Yangrak, Tae Jinah, Hong Jinyoung, Kim Jisun, Girl's Day Bang Minah, Kim Shinyoung.
This episode centers on food that has the benefits of stamina; snow crab, pork, skate, and tomatoes.

Episode 1: Springtime Special Part 1: Vitality (활력)

Guests are: Sister's Yoon Bora, Han Sangjin, Shin Bora, and Kim Junho.
Three ingredients that are connected to flowers (in the Korean language) and vitality; sweet shrimp, fatsia shoots, and marbled beef. There are also three herbs shown for vitality; Day Lilly, rape plant and fatsia shoots.

Episode 2: Springtime Special Part 2: Rejuvenation (회춘)

Guests are: Tiny-G's Min Do-hee, Heo Gyeonghwan, Park Jeongsu, and Lee Gyein.
The first recommended ingredient is pen shell clams, also known as pinnidae. Second is strawberries, and third is webfoot octopus.

Episode 3: Changing Season Special: Strengthening the Immune System (면역강화)

Guests are: No Sayeon, ZE:A's Park Hyungsik, Lee Musong, and ZE:A's Hwang Kwanghee.
There are only two ingredients this week; Suminoe oysters (cherry blossom oysters in Korean), and wild bellfower root are foods to eat and help your immune system in this episode.

Episode 4: Family Month Special: Plentiful Meal (알찬밥상)

Guests are: Lee Sangyong, Apink's Yoon Bomi, Ha Il (Robert Bradley Holley), and Apink's Jung Eunji.
Ingredients are: Blue crab with roe, dried mullet roe, and dried cod roe.

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