Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 March wants

It is funny. The humidity is much higher here in Leeds, but my lips are very dry and cracking right now.

My lips aren't the only thing dry. My skin is horribly dry. Normally I don't use an exfoliant, but it is needed right now. Luckily I do have my Italy Towel and use it on the rest of my body.

Needs something cute to hold the hair back while scrubbing the dry skin off.

Maybe a moisturizer would help with the dry skin. I don't know, but it'd probably smell good.

Then I'd need a sunscreen to finish it all of, 'cause yes, even in a place like Leeds that barely gets any constant sunlight you should still wear sunscreen.

Currently watching: Screening Humanity 인간극장 . Love this show. It shows real Koreans living in Korea. Not Korean idols and Kpop.

Currently reading:

Robopocalypse: A Novel by Daniel H. Wilson

The same sort of journalist style as World War Z, but since a few of the characters are connected it was much more interesting and easier to read to me than World War Z, which I tried to read in December, but I just never could get into the story.

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