Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I still haven't posted about our first days after arriving in the UK and Leeds. I do hope to get it up soon, but I've lacked inspiration to write recently and Jasmine and I were both sick this week. Luckily Jasmine's NHS number has come in and she was able to go to the university medical centre.

I found turkey at one of the butchers at the Leeds Open Market. They didn't carry whole turkeys, which is just as well, since one wouldn't fit in our tiny oven. They sell turkey necks, butts, wings and drumsticks, but no breasts. I got two drumsticks and a wing for £4.31, which is really reasonible since two small steaks, I don't know from which part of the cow since they only say frying steak, are £2.75.

I had to ask one of our lovely neighbors how to light the oven, more complicated than you would think. It took about an hour and half to cook the meat, these were huge drumsticks and wing. We got boxed sage stuffing, and tinned whole berry cranberry sauce when we went to the commissary at RAF Menwith Hill last time. I would have gotten the packaged fresh cranberries and made my own sauce, but they only had three packages and each one looked terrible, the berries were about to mold.

But the food was all good and we got to have dinner as a family. Hopefully next year we can invite friends, but this year we could only handle ourselves.

I forgot to take pictures, oh well. Still looking for a job too, not having much luck though. If anyone know of any part-time jobs in the Woodhouse area please let me know!

Currently watching: The Heirs. It has a really, really typical K-drama story line, but the actors make it fun to watch in my opinion.

Currently reading:

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, No. 1) by Janet Evanovich

I don't normally read mystery books, but from the blurb on the back cover this one seemed like it would be fun, even though it is almost twenty years old.

Swagbucks it is how I make money for amazon gift cards!

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