Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5 things I would like to find at Dragon*Con

1. A good shirt to go with my costume. I have one, but it is black and I would like something in a different color, so it would stand out against the black of the skirt and bodice. I have one picked out, but it wouldn't arrive in time for the convention, so if I find something better I would like to get it.

2. Bloomers or a good underskirt. I need something to go under my skirt, perhaps a white underskirt or white bloomers. I have bloomers picked out, ones that match the shirt above, but again for the same reason, not enough time to arrive for the convention.

3. A parasol. I would like to get a good solid parasol, if not I have this one picked out, I don't prefer a lace parasol, but I do like the way the dye is on the lace. Unfortunately they old ship within the US. I might have to get my Father to ship it to me in Leeds, if I don't find something I like more at the convention.

4. Cuffs for the wrist seem to be becoming a very popular steampunk accessory. I would like to find some blue leather and lace ones, or figure out how to make them myself, or I might consider getting archer's bracers. I haven't found anything that I like yet, so there is a lot of opportunity here.

5. I would like a belt of some kind, preferably black leather, something I could hang accessories off of. Right now I am using a belly dancing belt that I reclaim, but it is all metal and bells, and not nice to fabric, it likes to snag on things. So, I would like to find something that I could hang my fan on, or a tea cup, a parasol or whatever.

Those are my wish things right now. I'm sure I will be tempted a lot at Dragon*Con, but I have a limited budget and limited space for shipping things to England.

I need to develop my character a bit more, and figure out how to do my hair or practice putting up my hair.

Currently watching:
The Human Condition Episode 2 Season 2: Living without creating trash. This is a great Korean variety show that has 6 comedians living together for a week doing different things, like living without cellphones, electricity, or water. It shows how much modern societies waste.

Currently reading:

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Such a great classic. I hope Jasmine enjoys it too when she is older.

Swagbucks it is how I make money for amazon gift cards!

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