Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dragon*Con Shirts

I need some opinions. I got a steampunk costume for Dragon*Con. It has a black underskirt with white lace, a blue taffeta bustle, and a black bodice with white lace and blue inserts, but I need a shirt. I have 3 that I picked out, thinking about the heat and humidity of Atlanta at the end of August, and that I will already be wearing several layers, plus I wanted something that I could possibly wear in the future.

Here are the links to each shirt, I would be purchasing the shirt in white, but which looks nicer?

I think this one would be the coolest in the heat, but as you can see you have to have something to wear underneath or cover up with (which I would be using the bodice) not something that could be worn on it's own:

I like this one, but I wonder if it looks too stuffy when not paired with steampunk items:

This one has a blue ribbon that would match the bustle and inserts on the bodice (this is actually supposed to be an undershirt):

I would love to hear comments and opinions!


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A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends #1) by Jayde Scott

I got this as a free kindle, it is another vampire book, not sure why I keep picking only vamp books out to read recently. It is holding my attention, but I did enjoy Blood Calling much more.

Swagbucks it is how I make money for amazon gift cards!

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