Monday, May 4, 2015

The King of Food episodes 10-14

The King of Food was a series shown on the Korean television station KBS. It was also uploaded to the youtube channel KBS World TV.

The premise of the show from KBS, "What if a constitutional monarchy still exist in Korea in 2014? "'The King of Food' with picky taste, Shin Dong-yeob has invited star guests to his dinner. Guests need to answer a quiz to try rare food, which the kings used to eat. Food fighters are having a fierce battle to take the best food. Who will get the King's Food at the end?"

There is a special ingredient(s) each episode and the celebrity contestants are quizzed on their food knowledge. The team that wins gets to eat. As usual, don't watch the show if you are hungry, it'll just make it worse.

Episode 10: Meal for Heart of Steel (강철 심장)

Guests are: Um Honggil, Park Sangmin, Hong Kyungmin, Lee Seungshin, and Gang Yebin.
This episode centers on food that has the benefits for a strong heart. Um Honggil recommends mackerel, as that is what he took with him on his trek to the tops of the Himalayas. And King of Food recommends red bell peppers.

Episode 11: Feast for Menopause (갱년기)

Guests are: Dokgo Yeongjae, Jo Yunho, Kim Minhui, Hwang Sohhee and Im Yejin.
Suggested ingredients for menopause are cabbage and kudzu root.

Episode 12: Feast for Fatigue Recovery (피로회복)

Guests are: Lee Mangi, Cho Jungchi, Kim Sook, Jung Joonyoung and Girl's Day Bang Minah.
Chicken and red ginseng were recommended to relieve fatigue.

Episode 13: Feast for Growth (키쑥쑥)

Guests are: Heo Gyeonghwan, Kim Jisun, R.ef's Seong Daehyeon, After School's Lizzy (Park Soo-young), and Sung Sikyung.
For growing seaweed (김) and pumpkin (단호박) also called kabocha squash are recommended.

Episode 14: Feast for Summer Vacation (피서지)

Guests are: Kim Wansun, Girl's Day Lee Hyeri, Song Jungeun, and Byeon Umin
King of Food recommends female octopus, abalone, sweetfish (은어), handmade tofu with pine nuts, sturgeon and to revive your body while on vacation. They start a new format in this episode that I don't really like.

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