Sunday, December 1, 2013

5 December wants

Christmas is coming up, so I picked things that I would like to buy for Jasmine, but unless I get a job real quick it isn't going to happen.

I would really like to get Jasmine an American Girl Doll, so she can have a doll that looks like herself, but the basic 18" doll is $110, without and clothes or anything. There is no way that I can afford that right now, so we'll be sticking with Build-a-Bear which is a fourth of the price, the clothes are even much cheaper than American Girl. So, a new dress for Emily, Jasmine's kitty.

I can't believe the Octonauts are so expensive!

Peppa is a bit expensive too.

We weren't able to see this when it was in the theaters, and Jasmine really enjoyed the first movie.

We just need it. And we'll have to watch over, and over, and over, and over again and again and again and again.

So yes, this month is all about Christmas shopping for Jasmine, and finding a job, still feel a bit guilty for all the things of her's that we had to throw away for the move here.

Currently watching: I am rewatching Faith on It is one of the few K-dramas that is licensed in the UK on, most of the K-dramas are blocked for me right now.

Currently reading:

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

To get in the Chistmas spirit, plus it is a free kindle!

Swagbucks it is how I make money for amazon gift cards!

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